The Lazy Persons Guide to Money Management

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I hate money. I detest the fact that you have to actually “manage” it because I think money should just manage itself. For this reason, I am not the family money manager. The problem is, neither is The Hubby.

He pays the bills and makes sure there is enough in our account to cover our expenses, but that’s about it. We do not have a budget and if we did, we probably wouldn’t stick to it. We wouldn’t overspend either. Somehow both me and The Hubby seem to sense when it’s time to cut back and we’re good about sticking to it until more money comes in.

Since I’m a freelance writer for a living, I do have to keep track of my income and expenses for Mr. Taxman. I like this about as much as I like root canals. It’s something I have to do or else I’m going to be in a world of hurt if I don’t. For the rest of our tax stuff, we outsource it. We could probably do it ourselves but we’re just too lazy.

I think we need a Suze Orman intervention.

However, we wouldn’t be getting the traditional Suze Orman smack down like she’s done to some Oprah viewers. We don’t have a huge amount of debt, other than our mortgage. I guess everyone who has “bought” a house is in debt, unless they have a rich uncle or something.

We have done the following:

  • Set up an IRA for me and maxed out The Hubby’s contributions to his 401K.
  • Have an advance health care directive in place for both me and The Hubby.
  • Set up a 529 plan for each of our children and make contributions to them each month (automatically).
  • Put money into a savings account each month with automatic deductions.

That’s it. Even the laziest person could do what we’ve done. You don’t even have to be a bean counter or a control freak by keeping track of every penny spent. Suze would be gasping at this point I’m sure. If you just take care of a few simple things, you should be okay. Notice the world “should” because I’m not a money manager by any stretch.

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