Beginning Again and Again and Again

I, Random Chick, have taken back control of my blog since having to run wild all over this planet trying to find my muse. I have to apologize for any confusion, upset, or bloating this may have caused any of my 7 blog readers. These things happen, you know.

You try to set down plans and milestones for reaching certain goals and then life seems to take on a life of its own. I know that sounds redundant, but it’s true. I was attempting to achieve the following goals when my muse took off:

The problem with this one was that I had no controversy to write about. I blame Britney Spears for getting her act together and appearing to be normal. I blame my muse too.

Some great ideas were submitted by a few of you, but I wasn’t feeling particularly stupid. I just felt mostly lame. For this, I also blame my muse.

This one is just plain my fault. I got the idea for my novel when my muse took off on her cruise to Mexico. Yes, I need her but it was her absence that sparked an idea which doesn’t seem all that bad.

The blame for my failing at this goal falls on Starbucks. Those damn sugar-laden drinks of caffeine goodness keep beckoning me back from my workouts. It doesn’t help that muse drinks like 5 Starbucks drinks a day! She’s supposed to be helping me! BTW, if you have an iPhone, check out this app: Lose It! I actually lost 3.5 lbs in two weeks using it, but it doesn’t work if you don’t use it…hence why I gained all the weight back.

So, that’s it. Here you have all my reasons for failing at my goals for 2011. I know there’s still like 11 months to go and I can still totally reach these goals. That’s why I’m beginning once again. I had to buy a $500.00 Starbucks Gift Card for my muse to get her to stick around for a while. The things you have to do today to keep your muse happy! Geez!

What goals for 2011 have fallen by the wayside for you? Do you plan on re-focusing on them or ditching them completely? Do share, because your mother told you it was a good thing to do.

(Photo: Magic Madzik)