An Historical Movement Toward Complete Insanity

An Historical Movement Toward Complete Insanity

There is a huge scam that is going on now right before our eyes. We see it. We want it to stop. We complain about it, but we do nothing about it because we believe there is nothing we can do.

The irony is we have the power.

It all starts with the almighty dollar, well, not just “a dollar” more like BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars. Most of that money is ours. We give it to our government in exchange for services needed to create a functioning society. We hope they will use it for the good of all citizens since we all paid our fair share. Seems logical and simple enough.

Unfortunately, there are greedy people–fools and trolls if you will.

These “trolls,” as they will be called from here on, attempt to sway sometimes good people we vote into government to represent our principles. Because the trolls are siphoning our money, they can be effective in swaying our politicians to support things that give the trolls more money, because there is never enough to fill their greed.

What the f*ck am I talking about here? Let me give you three examples that I’ve witnessed over the past decade that make me believe to core of my being that we are all completely insane:

“The Pentagon has publicly acknowledged that it has sent $8.2 Billion dollars through contracts into Iraq sometimes in pallets of cash, with no record keeping or accounting. That includes $68 Million to the UK,  $45 Million to Poland, $21 Million to Korea, yet auditors were unable to say why payments had been made.”

War time contractors are being paid MORE than U.S. soldiers for doing the SAME jobs. What does that say to our soldiers? It says your patriotism and integrity don’t matter for [email protected]

U.S. Government contract funds are being sent to local firms for security, such as in Afghanistan where 95% of private security contractors are local nationals. Money from the government flows to big firms for the contracts, then it goes to sub-contracts because the big firms outsource security locally, and a lot of that money goes right into the pockets of the Taliban. WTF?!?!

YES, this is happening now.

Read: One National Under Contract: The Outsourcing of American Power and the Future of Foreign Policy by Allison Stanger

An Historical Movement Toward Complete Insanity

We allowed financial institutions to make bets on loans which was called, “Credit Default Swaps,” that allowed brokers to sell insurance on a defaulted loan. Sounds okay but then who owns the unpaid loan? Well, as long as more people got loans they would be paid for…BUT what if people got loans they couldn’t pay back? Then you have a financial crisis.

Basically, we legalized gambling. And we were the putzes, the idiots if you will, who bought these bad loans and who willingly took the risk. They couldn’t find any more of us idiots to buy the loans so they ran out of money.

Back in the 1920′s Wall Street attempted to create “side bets” that would generate more income. An early version of credit default swaps. But then someone within the Federal Government thought it would be a bad idea to let Wall Street gamble, so they made it illegal.

Everything seems to go smooth until the 1990′s when Wall Street came up with a new innovation: credit default swaps. Insurance is legal, so why wouldn’t insurance for bad loans be legal? That’s all well and good but if you make bad bets and if there is no money to cover defaulted loans…you run out of money. So does the rest of the world.

What did we do? We gave them MORE money. It’s like giving a gambling addict an “intervention” by giving him or her more money to gamble with. WTF?!?!

Now Wall Street is back in business and they’re blaming consumers for the crisis. If we hadn’t taken loans that we couldn’t afford to pay back, this would have never happened. True. HOWEVER, swindling people out of money by cloaking a bad gambling scheme may have also been to blame. The government didn’t do a damn thing about it either…the regulators were there to make sure banks were successful. The end. Stay tuned for the next financial crisis coming to a bank near you.

Read: All the Devils Are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera

What has happen since “No Child Left Behind” is schools have been turned into testing factories. Why? Because the better schools do on tests, the more money they get. That’s the theory.

An Historical Movement Toward Complete Insanity

That means every ounce of resources go toward making sure kids do better on tests. Stuff like art, science, music, and interactive learning get cut because the students have to practice tests to do well on them.

What happens though when the kids don’t do well on the tests, even though we’re training them to take tests? Damn. Schools don’t get money, kids don’t get educated, and then the government cuts education funding. And it’s all the teachers’ fault.

By the way, there’s no money left to go to schools because a HUGE chunk of money has gone to fund the war in Iraq and to bail out Wall Street. It’s the circle of life people.

Read: The Death and the Live of the American School System: How Testing and Choice are Undermining Education

What is the huge scam? Well, if you have to ask after these three examples then you need to go buy some “very secure” loans from Wall Street.

The scam that is being fed to us is that we have no power to change anything. F*CK THAT!

The insanity is that we are believing it. Our youth are apathetic and so involved with meaningless crap that they believe it too. But what about the youth in Egypt? The ones who started a revolution that overthrew a dictator? The KNEW they had the power, all they had to do was get organized. To see the unfolding of this amazing revolution and how it began watch this.

WE, and our especially America’s youth, have no excuse. We have all the access we’d ever want to the tools that could bring about a revolution: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. We just need to get organized. We need to LOOK and SEE the insanity that our nation is slipping into and say, “STOP THE INSANITY!!” Some of it has already started. THANK GOD for Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. MORE young adults need to watch it and get fired up!

We are smack, dab in the middle of an historical movement toward complete insanity because we’re buying into the scam that we have no power.